Talialo is on a mission to bring the joy of home grown Italian cooking to your table. The difference is that we do it small. Artisan.

Small is the key. The best quality often comes from the smallest producers – the suppliers who’d often fall below the size required by supermarkets and who would ordinarily find it difficult to market themselves.

We bring together the finest small Italian growers and producers. A collective of artisans sharing both vision and values – and we give them a framework and a voice. We’re all about provenance & authenticity. And we keep it simple.

Talialo will take you on a taste adventure from the convenience of your own home. Our range of carefully selected and delicious produce will allow everyone from the most accomplished chef right through to the total beginner to quickly and easily recreate dishes inspired by the traditional tastes from across a country that is often described as the food basket of Europe.

We bring authentic taste and authentic people together.

Dive into the sweet life.

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