We have proudly partnered with Earthly, a global movement led by experts and businesses, in partnership with nature, to ensure that every step of sourcing our ingredients and producing our extra virgin olive oil is done without impacting nature negatively.

As part of our partnership, we plant a tree for every bottle sold to offset the carbon footprint of each employee. Its also offsetting our production process, as well as our transportation of the product.

Additionally, we champion responsible farming practices, ensuring that our artisans are not impacted by any negative work experiences as they practice their craft and proudly form part of the Talialo family.

Welcome to the natural revolution

Our commitment is to build a brand that generates awareness through healthy food, healthy living and has a positive impact on our planet.

We strive to ensure our business model is Sustainable, Managing forests sustainably, fighting deforestation, stopping and reversing land degradation, and stopping the decline of biodiversity.

1 bottle of our EVOO = One tree planted

For every bottle of Talialo Extra Virgin Olive Oil you buy, we will be planting a tree in support of reforestation. This process involves planning, committing and taking responsibility towards our planet. We take pride in our commitment to the future with the help of our collaboration with Earthly.org.

Buying with conscience makes the difference.


Dive into the sweet life.

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